Andrina (1981)


Mysterious young Andrina is the only friend of an old man. When she fails to visit him one day, he goes down to his seaside village to look for her but no one knows of such person there. Who is Andrina?

Director: Bill Forsyth.
Writers: George Mackay Brown, Bill Forsyth.
Stars: Cyril Cusack, Wendy Morgan, Sandra Voe, Jimmy Yuill, Dave Anderson.
Cinematographer: Andrew Dunn.


Download in MP4 (576p Encode of the 1080p)

 Download in MKV (1080p Rip, Color improved)

   Download in MKV (Untouched/Original WEB-DL)

Untouched/Original WEB-DL: No color or brightness modifications and untouched audio, both the 576 and 1080p rips have a slightly different tone as I tried my best to get rid of the yellowish tint this film had when it was downloaded it from a UK site, I wasn’t able to get rid of it completely, probably requires scene by scene color correction but I think it’s a bit better, also the audio was very hard to hear so I boosted it considerably, you can pick whichever you want, if you open both Uloz links you can see already on the preview how the two rips compare.

Many thanks to lumumbista for the ripping help.

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  1. Jonathan Shapiro
    November 18, 2023

    A STUNNING find, Jon. I’ve dreamed of seeing this for years, as I adore the great Bill Forsyth

  2. Greg
    November 19, 2023

    Looking forward to watching but the two MKV links appear to be the same? Not sure if it is the colour improved or the untouched one that it opens.

    • Jon W.
      November 19, 2023

      Sorry, the last link “untouched/original” mkv has been replaced now.
      Note that the untouched rip has very low sound, that’s how it was streaming originally.
      Hope you like it!

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