Sugar Town (1999)


A look at the lives of several struggling L.A. musicians. Gwen, a singer-songwriter, is on a quest for the big-time. Working as an assistant to a film production designer, Gwen tries to steal her boss’ boyfriend, a veteran rock producer. The producer, meanwhile, is trying to orchestrate a comeback for an ’80s band.

Directors: Allison Anders, Kurt Voss.
Writers: Allison Anders, Kurt Voss.
Stars: Jade Gordon, John Taylor, Michael Des Barres, Martin Kemp, Larry Klein, John Doe, Lucinda Jenney, Marion Moseley, Veronica Nommenson, Elena Nommensen, Amelia Nommenson, Ally Sheedy, Nicholas Walker, Rosanna Arquette, Jeffrey McDonald, Catherine Munro, Kristina Hayes, Alyse Pozzo, Richmond Arquette, Lumi Cavazos, Michael E. Rodgers, Paige Dylan, Vincent Berry, Polly Platt, Chris Mulkey, Simon Bonney, Kelton Jones, Beverly D’Angelo, Antonia Bogdanovich, Kai Lennox, Kadu Lennox, Bijou Phillips, Ursula Brooks, Lacey Rodine, Philip Tan.
Cinematographer: Kristian Bernier.
Composer: Larry Klein.

English subtitles are available for this film, to enable them on the video player click on the cogwheel, click on the last option (субтитры), and finally, choose between regular (“EN”) or HoH subtitles.


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