Naked Jane (1995)


A 20-year old woman living a life without direction in Los Angeles provides the focus of this contemporary drama. Jane is the unfocused protagonist and narrator of the story. She makes a minimal living as a typist. In her spare time she writes a novel. Jane experiences a constantly deepening depression as she copes with her father’s death, a distant lover, and her new romance with an artist. She prefers to avoid confrontation, but cannot when Sam, the distant lover, returns from Europe.

Director: Linda Kandel.
Writer: Linda Kandel.
Stars: Christian Svensson, Stefan Walker, Michelle Bronson, Tamar Reingewirtz, Renee Stahl, Catherine Chambaret, Caveh Zahedi.
Cinematographer: Yoshi Hosoya.
Composer: Steve Gregoropoulos.

1995 Sundance Film Festival – Dramatic – Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize.


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