Ladoni (1993) AKA Palms


Between 1986 and 1990, Arthur Aristakisian lived among the tramps and beggars of the city: drug addicts, emotionally disturbed, physically handicapped, and blind people. LADONI is the result of these four years. The film follows the beggars in their tough daily lives. Aristakisian has a biblical view of these outcasts, which is particularly expressed by the poetic voice over, intoning philosophic-spiritual reflections of a father who is talking to his unborn (aborted) child. According to Aristakisian, this refers to the direct cause for his film: the confusion that came over him when his girlfriend had an abortion. 

Director: Artour Aristakisian. AKA Palms
Writer: Artour Aristakisian.
Cinematographer: Artour Aristakisian.

Interview with Artour Aristakisian:


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    May 18, 2024

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