Wild Side (1995) [Director’s Cut]


A bank accountant, who moonlights as a high-priced call girl, becomes embroiled in the lives of a money launderer, his seductive wife, and his bodyguard who blackmails her to help the FBI entrap him with his latest money laundering scheme.

Director: Donald Cammell.
Writers: China Kong, Donald Cammell.
Stars: Christopher Walken, Joan Chen, Steven Bauer, Anne Heche, Allen Garfield, Adam Novak, Zion, Richard Palmer, Randy Crowder, Marcus Aurelius, Michael Rose, Lewis Arquette, Rolando De La Maza, Candace Kita, Ian Johnson, Gena Kim, Robert Mazzola.
Cinematographer: Seo Mutarevic (as Sead Muhtarevic).
Composer: Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Interview with Donald Cammell
Interview with Anne Heche


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One Comment

  1. Gerald L. Austin
    July 12, 2023

    A movie about mixed-up and twisted people lying to each other. The sex scene between the two women was the best, and only part that I liked.

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