The Glass Cage (1996)


Paul Yaeger, an ex-CIA agent, takes a nightclub job where his former lover Jacqueline strips tantalizingly in a glass cage for any man who can pay the price. For some, the price is death. Her boss Marko is a notorious gun runner, diamond smuggler and drug dealer protected by a corrupt cop, Det. Montrachet. Knowing Marko would kill them if he knew, Paul and Jacqueline decide to tempt fate when they renew their carnal love affair.  

Director: Michael Schroeder.
Writers: Peter Yurksaitis, David Keith Miller.
Stars: Richard Tyson, Charlotte Lewis, Horacio Anthony, Joseph Campanella, Richard Moll, Stephen Nichols, Richard Paul, Eric Roberts, Carlos Carrasco, Anthony Crivello, Maria Ford, Fred Asparagus, Collin Bernsen, Hilton T. Brown, Wendy Fowler, Robert Gantzos, Zen Gesner, Eva La Dare, Maria Rotondo, Lisa Marie Scott, Melinda Songer Soderling, Laurie Sposit, Alan Stevenson II, Michelle Webster, Christopher Dye.
Cinematographer: John B. Aronson (as John Aronson).
Composer: Marcus Barone.


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  1. Mike Z.
    July 28, 2023

    “404: Page Not Found” pops up when I try to download this film. Same thing a few days ago. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

    • Jon W.
      July 28, 2023

      Hey Mike,
      Sorry about that, looks like there was a problem with the formatting of the hyperlink, I just fixed it, should work now.
      Thanks for letting me know.

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