Su alteza serenísima (2001) AKA His Most Serene Highness


From legendary director Felipe Cazals, a historical drama of the last days of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Despite defeating the Texans of the Alamo, he lost the war of Texas Independence and gave away half of Mexico (including Texas, New Mexico, and Oregon). Exiled from his homeland, he is allowed to return only a few years before dying in 1976. At the end of his life, he still clings to illusions of regaining his former glory and popularity.

Director: Felipe Cazals. AKA His Most Serene Highness.
Writer: Felipe Cazals.
Stars: Alejandro Parodi, Ana Bertha Espín, Rodolfo Arias, Pedro Armendariz, Blanca Guerra, Ana Ofelia Murguia, Jose Carlos Ruiz, Salvador Sanchez, Isaura Espinosa, Carmen Delgado, Ana Maria Fernández, Guillermina Fernández, Alma Oropeza, Abel Woolrich, Juan de la Loza, Jorge Hernández.
Cinematographer: Ángel Goded.
Composer: Piero Piccioni.


Note: Only hardcoded copy available on source.

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