Anita: Tänze des Lasters (1987) AKA Anita: Dances of Vice


On a dirty grey street in Berlin, a crowd gathers round an eccentric old woman who is performing a strip-tease. Dragged off to a psychiatric hospital, she demands cocaine instead of thorazine, tries to seduce everyone in sight, and insists that she is the legendary dancer Anita Berber, darling of the decadent ’20s. Suddenly, in true Wizard of Oz style, the film departs from monochrome reality into the colour-drenched world of the woman’s fantasies, a wildly exaggerated evocation of Weimar Berlin filmed in full-blown expressionist style.

Director: Rosa von Praunheim. AKA Anita: Dances of Vice
Writers: Marianne Enzensberger, Lotti Huber, Hannelene Limpach.
Stars: Lotti Huber, Ina Blum, Mikael Honnesseau, Eva-Maria Kurz, Tillman Lenhert, Mario Kutschke, Hannelene Limpach.

Cinematographer: Elfi Mikesch.
Composers: Konrad Elfers, Edvard Lieber, Alan Marks, Rainer Ruppert, Wilhelm Dieter Siebert.

1987 Chicago International Film Festival – Nominated for the Gold Hugo.


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  1. November 29, 2023

    delightful……….will watch it again …….

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