Pusteblume (1974) [English Dub] AKA Dandelions / Hard to Remember


Jess Franco regular Adrian Hoven directs, and future ‘Blade Runner’ star Rutger Hauer plays a disaffected sailor turned hard drinking womaniser. Quite a few lovelies appear alongside Hauer (most of whom he beds), including the foxy Dagmar Lassander (‘Forbidden Photos Of A Lady Above Suspicion’) and Shirley Corrigan (‘The Devil’s Nightmare’). Rutger returns home from six months at sea to find his wife, whom he was deeply in love, has unexpectedly left him and is now a junkie whore. Devastated, he tries to ease his pain with booze and cheap thrills.

Director: Adrian Hoven. AKA Dandelions / Hard to Remember
Writer: Günter Vaessen.
Stars: Rutger Hauer, Dagmar Lassander, Shirley Corrigan, Karl John, Herbert Übelmesser, Uschi Mikulski, Conny Bellenbaum, Norbert Losch, Manu, Heidrun Hankammer, Tilo von Berlepsch, Gerhard Soor, Hans E. Schons, Heidrun Kuhn.
Cinematographer: Robert Hofer.
Composer: Rolf Bauer.


English dubbed version of this rare early Rutger Hauer film ripped from a 1st Gen VHS, many thanks to ChupaX @Myspleen for the rip. As it sometimes happens with VHS sourced copies of films it’s not possible to get rid of all the interlacing with Handbrake so it’s not the best copy but still totally watchable, unlike the other VHSRip of this film floating around this copy doesn’t have Spanish subtitles burned-in so it’s still an upgrade compared to that one. If you are an experienced encoder and you’d like to try making a better encode with some of the more advanced programs like AviSynth or Staxrip you can download the source file that I used to make this rip here. Thanks! Enjoy!

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