Jupiter’s Wife (1995)


While working on a documentary, Michel Negroponte encounters a homeless woman in Central Park who claims to be Robert Ryan’s daughter. What more, the woman, Maggie, says she’s the god Jupiter’s wife and periodically receives radio transmissions from him. Intrigued, Negroponte abandons his old project and starts interviewing Maggie. The result, after two years, is a film that attempts to separate fact from fiction and reconstruct the fascinating real life of this endearingly eccentric woman.

Director: Michel Negroponte.
Writers: Michel Negroponte, Gabriel Morgan.
Stars: Maggie Cogan, Katina Pendleton.
Cinematographer: Michel Negroponte.
Composers: Beo Morales, Brooks Williams.

1995 Sundance Film Festival – Documentary – Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize.


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  1. Paulkitt2@gmail.com
    June 29, 2023

    Excellent documentary

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