Second Thoughts (1983)


Lawyer Amy finds herself courted by two very different men: her client, a roguish street musician named Will, and her old boyfriend John Michael. A curious triangle develops as Amy gets pregnant by Will and both men vie for her affections.

Director: Lawrence Turman.
Writers: Steve Brown, Louise Fisher.
Stars: Lucie Arnaz, Craig Wasson, Ken Howard, Anne Schedeen, Arthur Rosenberg, Peggy McCay, Tammy Taylor, James O’Connell, Louis Giambalvo, Alex Kubik, Charles Lampkin, Michael Prince, Susan Duvall, Larry David, Joseph Whipp, Ernie Lee Banks, Trinidad Silva, Carlos Cervantes, Dehl Berti, Gene Ross, Philip L. Mead, Gwen Van Dam, Ina Gould, Sheldon Feldner, Virginia Paris, Gay Rowan, Kim Terry, Jerry Fujikawa, George Maguire, Jesse D. Goins, Meg Wyllie, Elsa Raven, Janice Carroll, Haunani Minn, Annette McCarthy, Ralph Anderson, Joe Mantegna, Raleigh Gardenhire, Jon Cedar, Cory ‘Bumper’ Yothers, Gary Kanin.
Cinematographer: King Baggot.
Composer: Henry Mancini.


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