No raifu kingu (1991) AKA No Life King


The solemn, intent faces of the Japanese schoolboys playing video games in Jun Ichikawa’s “No Life King” bespeak a new type of modern horror. Addicted to their favorite new game (from which the film takes its title), these children have become seriously estranged from the real world. The film’s constant emphasis is on the ways in which this has been allowed to happen, and on how emblematic it is of larger attitudes in a technological society. When a young boy trying to converse with his mother must compete with a home computer for her attention, it’s not hard to see why the boy has retreated into his own computer-dominated world.

Director: Jun Ichikawa. AKA ノーライフキング / No Life King
Writers: Seikô Itô (novel), Hiroaki Jinno.
Stars: Ryo Takayama, Neko Saito, Nobuo Nakamura, Issei Ogata, Saeko Suzuki.
Cinematographer: Osame Maruike.
Composer: Saeko Suzuki.


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