Dongchun de rizi (1993) AKA The Days


The Days follows the life of Dong and Chun, married artists who have recently graduated from the Beijing Art Institute. Living meagerly in the hope of making enough money off their works, it soon becomes obvious to everyone but themselves that the marriage has begun to die.

Director: Xiaoshuai Wang. AKA The Days / 冬春的日子
Writers: Xiaoshuai Wang.
Stars: Xiaodong Liu, Ye Lou, Hong Yu.
Cinematographer: Jie Liu, Di Wu.
Composer: Liang Hepin.


Many thanks to zen xiu @VK for uploading this English subtitled copy of this very rare Chinese film, this was a great find and I couldn’t believe it had been online on VK of all places for 2 years! The only other copy you can find on the entire internet of this film is a low quality TVRip from Italian television with hardcoded Italian subtitles, this copy also has hardcoded subtitles but in English, it seems to be sourced from a BBC2 broadcast of the film during either 1995 or 1996 when they did the “BBC 100”, a celebration of the Cententary of Cinema, the other films they showed during this long celebration can be found here (thanks to desdemoor for the list!) This copy that was uploaded first on VK had very poor audio unfortunately (lots of noise), luckily the TVRip from RAI TRE had the same framerate and almost the same duration so I was able to sync the better audio from the Italian TVRip into this better quality copy, because of this I had to cut short the end but it’s overall a much better viewing experience, hope you guys will like it, great film.

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