Madeleine Is… (1971)


The first Canadian fiction feature directed by a woman, Sylvia Spring’s Madeleine Is… investigates themes of patriarchy, art, and emancipatory politics in the context of Vancouver’s counterculture. Madeleine, an aspiring painter from Quebec, relocates to Vancouver at the height of the hippie era and has a series of encounters with men—a macho political radical, a fantasy figure-cum-young businessman, an older homeless man—which lead to self-discovery. The city and its paradoxes and politics are vividly evoked, while the era’s emergent feminism informs the film’s perspective.

Director: Sylvia Spring.
Writers: Sylvia Spring (script: yin), Kenneth Specht (script: yang).
Stars: Nicola Lipman, John Juliani, Wayne Specht, Gordon Robertson, Ronald Ulrich, Barry Cramer, Roxanne Irwin, Margot Chapman, Robertson Wood, Roger Dressler, Jim McQueen, Mona Brisson, Wayne Robson, Tandy Johnson, Lewine Willaby, Rowena Jones.
Cinematographer: Doug McKay.
Composer: Ross Barrett.


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