La cucaracha (1959) AKA The Soldiers of Pancho Villa


This was the first of a trilogy of films that director Rodríguez filmed to exalt the box office figure of Villa. Narrated in the form of independent episodes, it has seven segments of which the last one is the longest and narrates the love that a singer named Jesusita feels for the bold, but married, general. Between the episodes the loyalty of the man is shown, the sense of justice, his hypocritical heresy and the aspect of a womanizer and conqueror.

Director: Ismael Rodríguez. AKA The Soldiers of Pancho Villa.
Writers: José Bolaños, Ricardo Garibay, Ismael Rodríguez, José Luis de Celis.
Stars: María Félix, Dolores del Rio, Emilio Fernández, Antonio Aguilar, Flor Silvestre, Ignacio López Tarso, Cuco Sánchez, Irma Torres, Miguel Manzano, Lupe Carriles, Humberto Almazán, Alicia del Lago, Emma Roldán, Tito Novarro, Manuel Trejo Morales, Antonio Haro Oliva, David Reynoso, Amado Zumaya, Luis Mario Jarero, Manuel Vergara ‘Manver’, Guillermo Hernandez, Armando Gutiérrez, José Carlos Méndez, Pedro Armendáriz, Magdaleno Barba.
Cinematographer: Gabriel Figueroa.
Composer: Raúl Lavista.

1959 Cannes Film Festival – Nominated for the Palme d’Or.

Interview with Ismael Rodríguez:


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  1. Tony Williams
    April 15, 2023

    A beautifully filmed work revealing that Fernandez’s 40s cinematographer was equally at home with color. Featuring key actors of 40s and 50s Mexican cinema, this is an excellent work showing how valuable this site is in introducing us to these forgotten works.

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