The Lady is my Wife (1967) Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre S04E16


After the Civil War ends, a rich horse rancher out West hires the Bannisters, a married Southern couple who lost everything in the war, to help run his ranch. What the Banisters don’t know is that their new boss has more on his mind than breeding horses, and his plans include the pretty Mrs. Bannister.

Director: Sam Peckinpah.
Writers: Jack Laird (story), Halsted Welles (adaptation).
Stars: E.J. André, Alan Baxter, Jim Boles, Lillian Bronson, Roberto Contreras, Alex Cord, Bradford Dillman, Billy M. Greene, L.Q. Jones, Begoña Palacios, Jean Simmons, Larry Watson.
Cinematographer: Dale Deverman (DP).
Composer: John Williams.


Note: Here’s a very rare episode of this series which I was able to get via someone on FB, it’s not 100% complete I think possibly missing few seconds due to channel switching (see 03:32) and the quality is far from great but it’s the only copy I could found and it’s in colour! This one is one of those super obscure TV series from the ’60s that never made it to VHS or DVD and of which it’s pretty much impossible to find episodes of, besides this one there’s maybe 7 or 8 more “out there” out of the over 100 episodes that were made, the rest are simply nowhere to be found, and yes I know institutions like the Paley Center and the UCLA Film & Television Archive probably have copies of most of the episodes but as we all know neither of these 2 places make available copies of what they have to the public so yeah, not sure if it’s even worth mentioning them. Please, if anyone out there has any other rare episodes of this series and you’re willing to share them contact me, I’d like to make available as many episodes as possible, help me preserve this series, together we can keep the history of American TV alive! My email is Thank you and enjoy!  

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  1. Tony Williams
    November 19, 2023

    This is rather truncated, missing the beginning scene, but really important to see. It is a rare Peckinpah work that is severely underrated as I point out in my forthcoming book. Showing this film and others makes your site so important to us now with the controlling mechanisms of streaming and our current avalanche of disappointing films..

  2. Giles
    December 12, 2023

    Thank you so much for publishing. I have enjoyed a lot of Peckinpah’s TV work = Pericles on 31st Street and Noon Wine are the preeminent works. I had never had access to this episode before. Astonishing. So compact and meaningful; the director doing a hell of a lot with very little.

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