Vincent and Me (1990) AKA Vincent et moi


Jo is a creative girl bound for art school who enjoys practicing her skills by reproducing famous paintings by Vincent van Gogh. While she’s working on one such picture in public, a stranger purchases some of her pieces. Initially overjoyed, Jo becomes distraught when she realizes her artwork is making millions on the black market. As Jo and her best pal, Felix, try to track down the pictures, they get some supernatural help from Van Gogh’s ghost.

Director: Michael Rubbo. AKA Vincent et moi.
Writer: Michael Rubbo.
Stars: Tchéky Karyo, Nina Petronzio, Christopher Forrest, Paul Klerk, Vernon Dobtcheff, Andrée Pelletier, Anna-Maria Giannotti, Matthew Mabe,
Cinematographer: Andreas Poulsson.
Composer: Pierick Houdy.


Note: As with many Canadian films, an English and a French version were produced, this is the English version, and judging by the lip sync I think it was shot in English and later redubbed in French.

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