Hit and Runway (1999)


Alex Andero feels stuck washing dishes in his family’s trattoria in New York City. He wants to write screenplays, and he has a great idea. Trouble is, he’s not much with a typewriter; so, when his cousin calls and says a producer likes the idea and wants a script, Alex swallows his homophobia and asks for help from Elliot Springer, a talented writer who’s an insecure, gay, Jewish nebbish. Elliot doesn’t want the job, but Alex sets him up with Joey, a good-looking actor who works in the cafe. Elliot and Joey are soon getting it on, the script is slowly emerging, and Alex is discovering the beauty of Gwen, a woman in his writing class. Then, ego and greed threaten the partnership.

Director: Christopher Livingston.
Writers: Jaffe Cohen, Christopher Livingston.
Stars: Michael Parducci, Peter Jacobson, Judy Prescott, Kerr Smith, Hoyt Richards, John Fiore, J.K. Simmons, Jonathan Hogan, Teresa DePriest, Bill Cohen, Rosemary De Angelis, John DiResta, Marisa Redanty, Marian Quinn, Stephen Singer, Jaffe Cohen, Nicholas Kepros, David Drake, Bryan Batt, Cindy Guyer, Adoni Anastassopoulos, Jo-Jo Lowe, Hillel Meltzer, Ali Marsh, Mike Arotsky, Andersen Gabrych, William Severs, David Tumblety, Florence Anglin, Bobo Lewis, Andrew Polk, Alicia Minshew, Julia Novack, Bobby Dicrisci, Arthur M. Jolly, Elizabeth Muller, Jessica Diamond, David Filippi, David Juskow, Emilu Klagsbrun.
Composers: Christopher Livingston, Frank Piazza.
Cinematographer: David Tumblety (DP).


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