Broken Vessels (1998)


A young Pennsylvania man moves to Los Angeles to begin work for an ambulance service. There he is teamed with a supremely confident vet who seemingly has gone through a large number of partners. Initially the novice is awed by the more experienced man’s capabilities to deal with the high pressure situations they encounter. However, gradually he discovers that all is not as it seems. While the vet is ice on the surface, he actually gets through the ordeals by heavy drug use and avoids commitments. Soon the younger man finds himself pulled into the same world and has to decide what direction he wants to take.

Director: Scott Ziehl.
Writers: David Baer, Brent David Fraser, Mike Machanska, John McMahon, Scott Ziehl.
Stars: Todd Field, Jason London, James Hong, Susan Traylor, Roxana Zal, Patrick Cranshaw, Brent David Fraser, Stephanie Feury, Dave Neilson, William Smith, Charlie Spradling, Ashlie Rhey, Roger Castillo, David Baer, Al Israel, Bobby Harwell, Shashawnee Hall, Rosemarie Li, Rose Powell, Rita Salomon, Herman Solomon, Robert Kropp, Justin Herwick, Gerald Lee, Vidette Schine, John McMahon, Ron Jeremy, Shanna McCullough.


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