Chiquidrácula (1986)


A boy lives with his alcoholic grandfather and wants to get rid of his vice. One day he sees in the wax museum that a couple of drunks are frightened by the figure of Dracula and he spreads word in his neighborhood that Dracula is prowling around. Then he disguises himself as the mythical character to scare his grandfather.

Director: Julio Aldama.
Writers: José Loza Martínez, Rogelio Agrasánchez.
Stars: Adalberto Martinez ‘Resortes’, Ana Luisa Peluffo, Tere Velázquez, Carlos Espejel, Luis Manuel Pelayo, Sergio Ramos “El Comanche”, Bruno Rey, Queta Carrasco, José Loza Martínez, Charly Valentino, Pierre Angelo.


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