Going Undercover (1985) AKA Yellow Pages


Forever bungling private investigator Henry Brilliant has been hired by Maxine de la Hunt to protect her stepdaughter Marigold during her trip to Denmark. A real caring parent should have hired an army of P.I.s to protect Marigold from Mr. Brilliant. His name, he’s not.

Director: James Kenelm Clarke. AKA Yellow Pages
Writer: James Kenelm Clarke.
Stars: Chris Lemmon, Jean Simmons, Lea Thompson, Viveca Lindfors, Mills Watson, Jewel Shepard, Nancy Cartwright, Joe Michael Terry, Elizabeth Spriggs, John Bird, Michael Gothard, Joyce O’Neal, Paul Leveque, Shawn Stevens, Camilla Søeberg, Ulrikke Bondo, Ellen Hillingsø, Christina Whitaker, Jeanette Kristensen, Birgitte Raaberg, J.J. Jordan, Lars Sidenius, Bjarne Jorgensen, Jorgen Sindal Andersen, Gerhard Pederson, Mikael Fix, Ernst Meyer, Kim Jannson, Jørn Faurschou, Allan Frank, Birgitte Bruun, Henrick Lydolph, Torben Bille, Ingolf David.


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