Good Luck, Mr. Yates (1943)


In this drama, set during WWII, a teacher at a military school is derided by his students because he has not joined the military. The man is deeply disturbed by their ridicule and disrespect and so pleads with the draft-board to reconsider his “essential” status and allow him to join. He is allowed to enlist, but still, because he has a punctured ear-drum, is not allowed to join. Unable to face his students, the teacher gets a job at a shipyard, then deceives his students into believing that he is at war by having a buddy at boot camp forward their letters to him.

Director: Ray Enright.
Writers: Lou Breslow, Adele Comandini, Harold Jacob Smith, Sam Rudd.
Stars: Claire Trevor, Jess Baker, Edgar Buchanan, Tom Neal, Albert Basserman, Henry Armetta, Scotty Beckett, Tommy Cook, Frank Sully, Douglas Leavitt, Rosina Galli, William Roy, Conrad Binyon, Bobby Larson, Rudy Wissler, Robert Mitchell, Robert Mitchell, The Sheriff’s Boys Band.


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