Duvidha (1973)


Mani Kaul’s film was funded by the Film Finance Corporation and an independent multi-arts co-operation led by noted painter Akbar Padamsee. Derived from a Rajasthani folk tale, it tells of a merchant’s son who returns home with his new wife only to be sent away on family business. A ghost witnesses the brides’ arrival and falls in love with her. He takes on the absent husband’s form an lives with her. She has his child, which becomes a problem when the real husband returns home. The film focusses on the wife’s life and dispenses with almost any dialogue developing the characters through parallel, historically uneven or even contradictory narratives.

Director: Mani Kaul.
Writer: Vijayadan Detha (based on the story by).
Stars: Ravi Menon, Kana Ram, Raisa Padamsee, Hardan, Shambhudan, Manohar Lalas, Bhola Ram.

1975 Chicago Film Festival – Nominated for the Gold Hugo.


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