Two and Two Make Six (1962)


A US airman stationed in the UK strikes down his commanding officer. Believing he killed him, the airman goes on the run with a woman. They run into a couple that looks like them and a mix up happens.

Director: Freddie Francis.
Writer: Monja Danischewsky.
Stars: George Chakiris, Janette Scott, Alfred Lynch, Jocelyn Lane, Athene Seyler, Bernard Braden, Malcolm Keen, Ambrostine Phillpotts, Jack MacGowran, Robert Ayres, Edward Evans, Harry Locke, Jeremy Lloyd, Marianne Stone, Nina Parry, Ken Wayne, Gary Cockrell, Bill Mitchell, Eric Woodburn, Graydon Gould, Bob Kanter, John Gardiner, Bill Edwards, George Sperdakos, Patricia English.


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