Kundskabens træ (1981) [Upgrade] AKA Tree of Knowledge


In his fourth feature, Århus loyalist Nils Malmros continues his reminiscing fiction portryals of school days in the 1950s. You follow a class during its final years of grade school. The kids are teenagers, clannish, clownish, sweet and vicious, struggling to make sense of their physical and mental growing pains. The film was shot over two years: the cast literally grew up along with the action.

Director: Nils Malmros. AKA Tree of Knowledge
Writers: Nils Malmros, Frederick Cryer (as Fred. Cryer).
Stars: Eva Gram Schjoldager, Jan Johansen, Line Arlien-Søborg, Marian Wendelbo, Gitte Iben Andersen, Lone Elliot, Astrid Holm Jensen, Brian Theibel, Bo von Der Lippe, Marin Lysholm Jepsen, Morten Nautrup, Anders Ørgård, Dan Rørmand Brøgger, Lars Spang Kjeldsen, Nicolaj Flensborg.


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  1. Gerald L. Austin
    June 18, 2022

    I really felt sorry for Elin. Her mother was overly strict. I didn’t actually figure out any other reason why she was left out of the group. I most DEFINITELY did not like the ending, to me it just left things dangling. The very brief shower scene was nice, and the even quicker look at the girl being felt-up was quite interesting. It is interesting that most of the music being played was well-known music here in the United States.

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