La table tournante (1988) AKA The Turning Table


While working at his editing table cartoon maker Paul Grimault is visited by a little clown, the star of his movie “Le Roi et l’Oiseau”. Paul, who is delighted, shows his guest several clips of his other films. Later on, they are joined by other animated characters created by Grimault until Anouk Aimée finally appears, in the flesh this time.

Director: Paul Grimault, Jacques Demy. AKA The Turning Table
Writers: Paul Grimault, Jacques Demy.
Stars: Paul Grimault, Anouk Aimée, Mathieu Demy (voice), Jean-Charles Rousseau (voice), Pierre Tchernia (voice), Lionel Charpy (voice), Gary Chekchak (voice), Frank Laurent (voice), Alain Costa (voice).


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