Month: August 2020

August 19, 2020 / Drama
August 19, 2020 / Neo-Noir

As his partner in crime, Fred Dorella, heads to the bank and tries to extort cash from executive Ken Wilson, Johnny Cabot kidnaps Wilson’s wife, Nancy. Fred tells Ken that, unless he hands over $70,000 in cash, Johnny will kill Nancy. Ken comes up with a ploy to buy some time for the police to assess the situation. Though the scheme is coming unstuck, Fred and Johnny aren’t about to go quietly.

August 19, 2020 / Adventure

Famed Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro returns to Peru for one final mission — to conquer the Inca Empire, convert its people to Christianity and capture a supposedly massive cache of gold. Upon arriving in the Incan capital, Pizarro and his men secure the palace of the new Incan king, Atahualpa. As the assault on the natives continues, the typically ruthless leader and his doomed hostage begin to respect — and even admire — each other.

August 18, 2020 / Arthouse

A sculptor is fighting his final battle against death on his houseboat on the frozen Schelde river. Two women are at his side: his first wife, who he is divorced from, and his second wife. The latter is most concerned about his death as she realizes that in the end the only result will be irrevocable loneliness. She wants to postpone the fatal moment and therefore tries to find comfort in her reminiscences from the times when she was happy with him. A story about fidelity till after death.

August 18, 2020 / Drama

Costanza is drinking a beer in a Prague pub, a summer night in 1968, while a violinist enters and starts playing a “canone inverso” for her. It is not a case, that music and that violin have a story behind that could concern her. It is the love story between Jeno Varga and the music, between Jeno and Sophie. It is also the friendship story with David on the background of WWII and the ‘Prague spring’ 25 years later. Music and Love the most powerful link that could resist through the time. 

August 18, 2020 / Drama

A man who loves an aspiring opera singer is prepared to sacrifice everything to help her with her career, even though he knows she doesn’t love him.

August 18, 2020 / Thriller

This story takes place during an experiment concerning psychological effects of mental fatigue on those locked in a fallout shelter for a long period of time. Twelve subjects are locked in a nuclear fallout shelter to see how long they can endure before mental breakdown occurs. After the experiment Dr. Herbert Monroe  tells the world about this terrifying experiment and its outcome.

August 18, 2020 / Comedy

In this comedy of mistaken identity, a bookish literary reviewer bows to the desires of his lover and shaves off his whiskers. Suddenly he finds himself in trouble, for without the mustache, he is the spitting image of a gangster who has just been released from prison. When the mobster’s gang sees the reviewer, they immediately assume he is the boss and they take him away. Soon he finds himself in deep trouble.