Hold Me While I’m Naked (1966) AKA Color Me Lurid


Presented as loosely autobiographical, Hold Me While I’m Naked centres on the tribulations of an independent filmmaker, frustrated at every turn as he tries to make a film that pretends to artistic merit.

Director: George Kuchar. AKA Color Me Lurid 
Stars: Donna Kerness, George Kuchar, Stella Kuchar, Andrea Lunin, Hope Morris, Steve Packard, Gina Zuckerman.


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  1. dl alvarez
    March 11, 2020

    George Kuchar is a National Treasure, and is sorely missed. For those uninitiated, I highly recommend his performance in ‘Thundercrack’, a film he wrote the screenplay for and stars in, directed by his protégé, Curt McDowell. I see that rarefilmm also has ‘A Reason to Live’ (dir. Kuchar and featuring McDowell). I’m definitely checking that one out next. Won’t you join me?

  2. evilbunny foofoo
    March 23, 2020

    What an absolute delight! Everything Kuchar is just sublimely surreal.
    Thank you!

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