Asignatura aprobada (1987) AKA Course Completed


José Manuel Alcántara is a playwright of about fifty years. Because of the failure of his last work, or perhaps due to the abandonment of his wife, he decides to leave Madrid and settle in a city on the seashore. There he lives quietly, dedicated to his collaborations in radio and press. But suddenly, the “mistakes of the past” appear again. His son, singer and rock songwriter, appears suddenly, not to settle accounts, but for something bolder. An actress who was in love emerges one day in the theatrical billboards of the city. And her friend Lola will pose problems of compound interest to José Manuel.

Director: José Luis Garci (as Jose Luis Garci).
Stars: Jesús Puente, Victoria Vera, Teresa Gimpera, Eduardo Hoyo, Pastor Serrador, Manuel Lorenzo, Pablo Hoyo, Juan Cueto, Santiago Amón, Pedro Lazaga, José Manuel Fernández, Silverio Cañada. AKA Course Completed

1988 Academy Awards – Nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.


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  1. November 18, 2018

    Thanks you so much Jon for this and all the other Oscar contenders you have posted. My to=see list is growing smaller by the day!

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