The Satan Killer (1993)


When a gruesome bikini killer claims the life of a detective’s fiance, the grieving cop is possessed with revenge. It’s just a matter of time before he meets up with his prey and extracts that revenge.

Director: Stephen Calamari.
Stars: Steve Sayre, Billy Franklin, Belinda Borden, James Westbrook, Cindy Healy, Dawn Crosley, Kurt Williams, Christian Lane, Robert James, Teddy Cleanthes.


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  1. Dick Wood
    January 10, 2020

    I was in this movie, I was the big blonde haired thug in the scene 32.minutes in. So even though the movie bombed and I didn’t get paid I say it was AWESOME! Just kidding it was the DRIZZLING SHIT’S

    • Kevin Russo
      June 6, 2024

      Do you remember anything interesting happening on set while you were there?

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