Sabu and the Magic Ring (1957)


Young Sabu is a happy stable boy in the kingdom of Samukan, in charge of taking care of the Caliph’s elephant. Searching for a lost diamond, he finds instead a mysterious ring which, unbeknownst to Sabu, conjures up a genie when he rubs it.

Director: George Blair.
Writers: Benedict Freedman, John Fenton Murray, Samuel Roeca.
Stars: Sabu, Daria Massey, William Marshall, Peter Mamakos, John Doucette, Robin Morse, Vladimir Sokoloff, George Khoury, Bernard Rich, Robert Shafto, Cyril Delevanti.
Cinematographer: Harry Neumann.
Composer: Harry Sukman.


Originally a color film this is a black & white print, the only copy I’ve been able to find of this film, if anyone out there has the original color version please contact me via email or Twitter. Thank you.

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