Terezu bych kvuli zádné holce neopustil (1976) [English Dub] AKA I Wouldn't Leave Tereza For Any Other Girl


Robert is delighted when his father returns from Africa with a baby chimpanzee which he names Tereza. When Tereza is kidnapped, Robert, his brother and friends, search the city and foil the kidnappers.

Director: Josef Pinkava. AKA I Wouldn’t Leave Tereza For Any Other Girl
Writer: Dimitrij Plichta.
Stars: Norbert Judt, Ivan Polásek, Katka Zatovicová, Roman Cada, Michal Suchánek, Ludek Munzar, Cestmír Randa, Eva Mária Chalupová, Adam Matejka, Ludovít Króner, Jaromír Rostinský, Milan Sulc.
Cinematographer: Karel Kopecký.
Composer: Angelo Michajlov.


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