Giorno per giorno disperatamente (1961) AKA Day by Day, Desperately


In this effective though still slightly uneven drama about mental illness, the worsening condition of a highly disturbed son wreaks havoc on the rest of the family. Dario has episodes when he becomes violently insane yet his mother refuses to put him in an institution where he can be professionally helped. Her desperate clinging to the belief that Dario will get better starts to wear away the equilibrium of the two other members of the family, the father and Dario’s brother, Gabriele. In the end, the continued presence of Dario and his mother’s near-fanatical insistence that he will recover create tragic consequences for everyone.

Director: Alfredo Giannetti. AKA Day by Day, Desperately.
Writers: Guido De Biase (dialogue), Alfredo Giannetti (story).
Stars: Tomas Milian, Nino Castelnuovo, Madeleine Robinson, Tino Carraro, Franca Bettoia, Riccardo Garrone, Mario Scaccia, Milly, Rosalia Maggio, Lino Troisi, Isa Crescenzi, Marcella Rovena, Alvaro Piccardi, Il Panza, Mario Brega, Jimmy il Fenomeno, Daniela Igliozzi, Jimmy il Fenomeno, Silla, Nicole Weber.
Cinematographer: Aiace Parolin.
Composer: Carlo Rustichelli.


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