Turn of Faith (2002)


The story of three friends who grew up in the same tough neighborhood and chose three very different paths. Joey became a cop, Frank became a priest, and Bobby went into the family business. No matter what happened, their loyalty was always to each other… until their friendship was given the ultimate test. Philly Russo, a father figure to the three friends, turns out not to be the man they once thought he was.

Director: Charles Jarrott.
Writers: Louis Eppolito (as Lou Eppolito).
Stars: Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini, Mia Sara, Costas Mandylor, Adam Gelfant, Tom Atkins, Dayton Callie, Robert Miano, Barry Kivel, Dudley Swetland, Carlos Palomino, Tony Sirico, Charles Durning, Ivan Bathee, Drew Bongianni, Cameron Carter, Mariel F. Cray, Don Creque, Paul Di Pinto, Deanna Eppolito, Louis Eppolito, Ron Gallegos, Tamie Gandee, Golde, Brenda Grate, Cher L. Halas, Bob Jennings, James Kisicki, Kenneth Lanci, Buzzy Popovec, Frank Marino, Tommy Smolko, Nicole R. Sorice, Robert Standley, Rohn Thomas, Jerry Zafer.
Cinematographer: Michael Barrett.
Composer: Dori Amarilio.


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