Gizmo! (1977)


Gizmo! is an irresistible collection of newsreel footage chronicling the inventive spirit in America. We are treated to some of the strangest inventions ever concocted by man, as well as a few forgotten contraptions that seem to make a great deal of sense. Naturally, filmmaker Howard Smith does not let slip the opportunity of showing the inventors at their most foolish, so once again those ubiquitous shots of collapsing one-man airplanes and malfunctioning jet-powered backpacks are trotted out. Gizmo! is a wonderful way to spend 77 minutes, as well as an ideal fund-raiser for your local PBS “pledge week”.

Director: Howard Smith.
Writers: Kathleen Cox, Nicholas Hollander & Clark Whelton (narration written by).
Stars: Milt Moss (narrator).
Composer: Richard Lavsky.


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