Francois Truffaut (1977) Camera Three


Francois Truffaut in conversation in 1977 with Richard Roud, then Director of the New York Film Festival. Truffaut, director of “Jules and Jim,” “The Four Hundred Blows, etc. was in America for the premier of “The Man Who Loved Women” at the 15th NYFF. The film director speaks of his childhood, the moral challenge of World War Two, the real meaning of the “auteur theory”, how the conservative French film industry was forced to change, Truffaut as a “culture hero” in the US, making a film that is as personal as a novel, the difference between French and American approaches to cinema, and many other themes.

Director: John Musilli.
Writers: Stephan Chodorov.
Stars: Richard Roud, François Truffaut.


Apparently a French-only version was made as well but haven’t been able to find it other than a clip of it so this version with English voice-over will have to do for now, if anyone has the full version in French please share it!

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