The Private History of a Campaign That Failed (1981)


Mark Twain’s essay is brought to life with this film telling the Civil War story of a Confederate troop who has not been exposed to the atrocities of war. The film also adapts Twain’s short story “The War Prayer”.

Director: Peter H. Hunt.
Writers: Philip H. Reisman Jr. (screenplay), Mark Twain (story “The War Prayer”).
Stars: Joseph Adams, Gary McCleery, Roy Cockrum, Harry Crosby, William Youmans, Richard Howard, Dan Woodard, Michael Longfield, Jim Dachik, David Donovan, Theodore Geislinger, Tommy Score, Joseph Ashcroft, John Ross, Kelly Pease, Rex Robbins, Cynthia Nixon, Debbi Roth, Pat Hingle, Muriel Kellerhouse, Everett Ensley, Edward Herrmann, Wesley Addy.
Cinematographer: Walter Lassally.
Composer: William P. Perry.


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