Love, Mary (1985)


Filmed in Canada for American television, Love Mary is based on the true story of Dr. Mary Groda Lewis. When we first meet Mary, she’s neither a Lewis nor a doctor, but instead simply a troubled young girl. Diagnosed as retarded and incorrigible, Mary is shunted off to a reform school. Here, counselor Rachel Martin discovers that Mary’s handicap is not retardation but dyslexia. After years of intense and compassionate therapy, Mary is allowed to re-enter the outside world–where two illegitimate pregnancies and a debilitating stroke do not dissuade the girl from her goal of becoming a doctor.

Director: Robert Day.
Writer: Clifford Campion.
Stars: Kristy McNichol, Matt Clark, David Paymer, Rachel Ticotin, Pipe Laurie, Leslie Wing, Wayne Robson, Dorothy Dells, David Sage, Lycia Naff, Romy Walthall, David Faustino, Sarah Partridge, Ron Rescasner, Tamu Blackwell, Shana Lane-Block, Terry David Mulligan, Jackson Davies, Tom Heaton, Kate Robbins, Sheila Moore, Todd Duckworth, Tom McBeath, Christianne Hirt, Lossen Chambers, Twyla-Dawn Vokins, Sharon Wahl, Gabrielle Rose, Karen Elizabeth Austin, Peter Yunker, Pam Dangelmaier, Stephen Chang, Frances Flanagan, Ruby Montgomery, Joseph Golland, David Mitchelle.
Cinematographer: Frank Stanley (DP).
Composer: Robert Drasnin.


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  1. Torin Doyle
    May 17, 2023

    The actress who played the lead role came across as a bit arrogant and unlikable. 3***

  2. She Wolf
    October 4, 2023

    @Torin Doyle: She was ACTING. lol

    • Torin Doyle
      October 5, 2023

      Not a very pleasant character.

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