Redhead from Manhattan (1943)


Lupe Vélez plays a dual role, twin sisters Rita and Elaine. After escaping a torpedoed ship, Rita shows up in Manhattan where she takes the place of her Broadway star twin sister Elaine, who’s having problems with her marriage and needs to make a getaway. Neither Elaine’s husband nor Rita’s saxophone-player boyfriend are aware of the switch.

Director: Lew Landers.
Writers: Joseph Hoffman (screenplay), Rex Taylor (story).
Stars: Lupe Velez, Michael Duane, Tim Ryan, Gerald Mohr, Lillian Yarbo, Arthur Loft, Lewis Wilson, Douglas Leavitt, Clancy Cooper, Johnny Mitchell.
Cinematographer: Philip Tannura (DP).
Composers: Gil Grau (uncredited), John Leipold (uncredited).


Many thanks to John for sending me a copy of this film.

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