Pismo do Amerika (2000) AKA Letter to America


Ivan’s best friend, Kamen, is in an American hospital, in coma after an accident. Since he’s denied a visa to the USA and can’t stay by his side in his last moments, Ivan decides to set off for Bulgaria countryside, taking the camera Kamen has given him. There’s a legend in Kamen’s place of birth – a small mountain village – that one song could bring people back to life. Ivan starts a journey to find it and record it, collecting a myriad of stories along the way. Will he succeed?

Director: Iglika Triffonova. AKA Letter to America / Писмо до Америка.
Writer: Iglika Triffonova.
Stars: Phillip Avramov, Ana Papadopulu, Peter Antonov, Andy Barret, Joreta Nikolova, Krassimir Dokov, Maya Novoselska, Valentin Goshev, Liubov Liubcheva, Yordan Bikov, Ognyan Golev, Ivan Ganchev, Dimitar Krivokapov, Svetlana Yancheva, Ioshiro Terazzono.
Cinematographer: Rali Raltschev.
Composer: Milcho Leviev.


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One Comment

  1. Kristoff Botski
    January 17, 2024

    Balkan magical realism with an excellent soundtrack. The film travels from the dreary grey concrete of Sofia to the dramatic mountains of the Bulgarian countryside, to tell a story about loss, alienation and the constant drive for human connection, A very enjoyable little gem.

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