Un bellissimo novembre (1969) AKA That Splendid November


After the death of his father, 17-year-old Nino is finding adolescence a traumatic and lonely ordeal. One autumn, during a holiday on the slopes of Mount Etna, he finds he is strongly attracted towards his young aunt, Cettina. Although married, she has no children of her own and his interest in her awakens her maternal instincts. An intimacy develops between them and his liking for her turns into an all-consuming desire. When he discovers that she is pursuing a secret affair with another man, Sasa, he is overwhelmed by jealousy and fails to comprehend her infidelity.

Director: Mauro Bolognini. AKA That Splendid November.
Writers: Ercole Patti (novel), Lucia Drudi Demby, Antonio Altoviti & Attilio Riccio (as Henry Vaughan) (screenplay).
Stars: Gina Lollobrigida, Gabriele Ferzetti, André Lawrence, Paolo Turco, Danielle Godet, Margarita Lozano, Isabella Savona, Jean Maucorps, Corrado Gaipa, Ettore Ribotta, Grazia Di Marzà, Ileana Rigano, Pasquale Fortunato, Franco Abbina, Amalia Troiani, Maria Di Benedetto.
Cinematographer: Armando Nannuzzi.
Composer: Ennio Morricone.


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