Homework (1982)


At the end of his senior year of high school, Tommy finds his education in the form of Diana. His friend Ralph learns the lesson from Ms. Jackson. Without knowing what would soon be awaiting them after meeting the older women, Tommy and Ralph form a rock band as a path to unlimited sexual opportunity. The story unfolds, through the promiscuous, funny and sometimes touching lives of the young band members. By the end of Tommy’s senior year, he’s ready to take on the world.

Director: James Beshears.
Writers: Maurice Peterson, Don Safran.
Stars: Joan Collins, Michael Morgan, Shell Kepler, Lanny Horn, Erin Donovan, Renee Harris, Mark Brown, Lee Purcell, Carrie Snodgress, Wings Hauser, Newell Alexander, John Romano, Joy Michael, Newell Alexander, Deedee Downs, Bill Knight, Ernestine Jackson, Rosemary Alexander, Howard Storm, Beverly Todd, Mel Welles, Steve Gustafson, Candace Bowen, Victor Paul, Betty Thomas, Ali Giron, Jack Warford, Kathryn Butterfield, Al Giron, Joan Rowe.
Cinematographer: Paul Goldsmith.
Composers: Anthony R. Jones (as Tony Jones), Jim Witzel.


Note: WS copy from German TV with synched English audio taken from the U.S. Laserdisc release, many thanks to Perilune @CG for the fandub. The Laserdisc release of this film is unfortunately a 4:3 transfer of the film, this copy is in the proper AR. This movie was also released on DVD (in widescreen) in 2002 by VCI which is now out of print.

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