The Man with Two Faces (1964) Originally released as "Troubled Waters".


Tab Hunter plays a mentally unbalanced ex-con living in London, who is seen emerging from prison during the opening credits. His wife seems to have struck up a platonic friendship with Hunter’s employer during his incarceration and their son (whom it appears Tab has never met) clearly looks at this “uncle” as a surrogate father. It emerges that Tab’s character murdered someone in a brawl so his mental state has always been questionable, but the combination of dealing with the sudden onset of paternal resposibility, a love rival and the alienation he feels upon release lead to a tragic climax!

Director: Stanley Goulder.
Writers: Tudor Gates, L. Rosen (screenplay).
Stars: Tab Hunter, Zena Walker, Michael Goodliffe, Yvette Rees, Stanley Morgan, Andy Myers, Arnold Bell, Marianne Stone.
Cinematographer: Arthur Lavis.
Composer: Elisabeth Lutyens.


Not very good quality for this one but more for the jerky playback than for the image quality, it seems to be the only copy available out there for this film.

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