Floodhouse (2003)


After an absence of years, Mara (15) moves into her hippy Dad’s shack in remote river country. Marooned in Harry’s world, Mara broods on her haughty artist mother who lives at the top of the valley. When Mara falls for Herringbone John, a tramp ‘waiting for death to come along and knock him on the head’, their encounter is a trip through the ecstasy and agony of romantic love. What Mara finds on the other side sets her free.

Director: Miro Bilbrough.
Writer: Miro Bilbrough.
Stars: Victoria Thaine, Robert Menzies, Catherine McClements, Brendan Cowell, Amber Lee Hynes, Michael Piccirilli, Jacek Koman, Frank Whitten, Chris Parker, Amie McKenna, Sally Evans, Teresa Page.
Composer: Amanda Brown.
Cinematographer: Kim Batterham.


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