The Secret Passion of Robert Clayton (1992)


In this complex, gripping made-for-TV courtroom drama, the new DA of a small town is given the job of prosecuting the alleged murderer of a stripper. Unfortunately, his own father is in charge of the defense. To make matters worse, both attorneys are in love with the wife of the accused.

Director: E.W. Swackhamer.
Writers: Brian L. Ross, Lloyd ‘Lucky’ Gold.
Stars: John Mahoney, Scott Valentine, Eve Gordon, Kevin Conroy, Donna Biscoe, Deborah Hobart, Boyce Holleman, Elizabeth Swackhamer, Dana Lee, Joe Dorsey, David de Vries, David Dwyer, Tim Ware, Kathryn Firago, Bill Coates, Dan Albright, Kimberly Sutherland, Tom Nowicki, Jeffrey Lowery, Dan Chandler, Emily Woodward, Joe Washington, Terry Loughlin, John Burton Jr., Melanie Ramsay, Tim Powell, Kathy Payne, Jen Harper, Geoff McKnight, Catherine Davis.


Many thanks to Alex (@TheDukeMitchell) for the help with the digitization. Ripped from a UK VHS release and restored to its original framerate.

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