One Way Ticket (1935)


The creation of the Federal Deposit Insurance Commission would soon render anachronistic such crime melodramas as One Way Ticket. Upon discovering that a prominent banker has absconded with his customers’ funds, Jerry, one of the unlucky depositors, reacts by turning thief. He steals exactly the amount that he’d deposited, whereupon the cops close in and arrest him. Still feeling that he was merely getting back what was due him, Jerry bitterly stews in a jail cell until he’s swept up in a prison breakout. The other escapees are killed, but Jerry manages to get away, though from this moment forward he’s forced to live the toad-like life of a fugitive.

Director: Herbert J. Biberman.
Writers: Joseph Anthony, Oliver H.P. Garrett, Vincent Lawrence, Grover Jones, Ethel Turner (novel).
Stars: Lloyd Nolan, Peggy Conklin, Walter Connolly, Edith Fellows, Gloria Shea, Nana Bryant, Thurston Hall, George McKay, Robert Middlemass, Willie Fung, Jack Rube Clifford, James Flavin.


Many thanks to John for sending me a copy of this movie.

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