The Djarn Djarns (2004)


Eleven-year-old Frankie Dollar is the leader of an Aboriginal dance group, the Djarn Djarns. Theyr̉e in big demand today at the Cultural Centre, but Frankies̉ really in the doldrums because one year ago, to the day, his father died. Now he needs his friends more than ever.

Director: Wayne Blair.
Writer: Wayne Blair.
Stars: Hunter Page-Lochard, Blake Herczeg, Ben Maza, Kerrod Melton, Alexa Miller, Scott Angeles, Lillian Crombie, Tony Barry, Lafe Charlton, Tony Briggs, Jason Edmonds, Kris Allen, Scott Munns, Ann Armstrong, Shane Robinson, Nicholas Coghlan, Wayne Blair.

2005 Berlin International Film Festival – Winner of the Crystal Bear for Best Short Film.


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