The Critic (1963)


A series of strange abstract images are projected in a movie theater. An old man from Russia in the audience watches this and can make neither head nor tail of them. He heckles the picture, wondering out loud, “Vhat da hell is dis?” while irritating the other patrons around him. He comments outrageously the entire time, saying, “It must be some symbolism! I think it’s symbolic of… junk.”

Director: Ernest Pintoff.
Writer: Mel Brooks.
Stars: Mel Brooks (narrator).

1964 Academy Awards – Winner of an Oscar for Best Short Subject, Cartoons.
1964 BAFTA Awards – Winner Best Animated Film.

Introduction by Mel Brooks:


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  1. Vidor
    July 25, 2022

    Mel Brooks, winning an Oscar!

  2. Brian Dankers
    March 23, 2024

    Having watched too many ‘art’ films from the Nat’l Film Registry, I can relate.

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