The Assassination of JFK (1992)


If one were to select the ten most significant events in American history, there would be no doubt that the death of President John F. Kennedy would be among the list. This is not only because of the fact that one of America’s most visionary presidents was cut down in the prime of his life, but because almost 60 years later after the fact, his assasination continues to be shrouded with mystery and controversy. This documentary presents the facts surrounding the events before, and ather that horrific moment in Dallas, and includes interviews of those who were on the scene not only at the tragic sight of the murder of JFK, but also a number of individuals who possess firsthand knowledge of everything from the politics of the day to the actualy autopsy performed on the president.

Director: Denis Mueller.
Writers: Cal Davidson, Warren Leming.
Stars: Warren Leming (narrator).


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