There’s Always a Thursday (1957)


In this comedy, a milque-toast bank clerk is forced to deliver blackmail money to a seductive woman. Misunderstandings abound when the clerk’s brother-in-law sees him leaving the woman’s house. Soon word that the clerk has become a dashing rake is spread around the town. In the end, the owner of a sexy lingerie factory offers the clerk a partnership in his business.

Director: Charles Saunders.
Writer: Brandon Fleming.
Stars: Marjorie Rhodes, Charles Victor, Jill Ireland, Richard Thorp, Bruce Seton, Lance George, Patrick Holt, Deirdre de Peyer, Frances Day, Howard Greene, Lloyd Lamble, Peter Fontain, Geoffrey Goodheart, Reginald Hearne, Glen Alyn, Ewen Solon, Martin Boddey, Alexander Field, Robert Raglan, Yvonne Savage, Margaret Rowe, Yvette Davis, Alex MacIntosh, Edward Malin.


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